Unicorn Growth Marketing Strategies for 2018 & Beyond

How to achieve unusually great results in PPC, SEO, Paid/Organic Social, CRO and pretty much every other marketing channel!


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For the first time in Poland: Growth Marketing Strategies for 2018 & Beyond with Larry Kim



Larry is the Founder of WordStream, the World’s leading PPC software company managing approximately a Billion dollars in ad spend for tens of thousands of customers. Larry’s created free online marketing tools for AdWords, Keyword Research, and Facebook Advertising that have been used by over a million marketers worldwide.

Larry is a winner of the “most influential PPC expert”​ award in 2017, 2015, 2014 and 2013 according to the PPC Hero Blog and marketing agency 3Q Digital. Also won top search marketer awards for 2015 from the US Search Awards and Search Engine Land.
Recently, Larry started MobileMonkey, Inc, a new chatbot software company. Top columnist at Inc. Magazine, Medium, Search Engine Land, etc. Key Interests include: AdWords/PPC/SEM, Social Media Ads (Facebook/Twitter), Entrepreneurship & Start-ups.

Who’s Larry?

  • Really loves unicorns 🙂
  • Lives in Cambridge, MA – city of Hubspot, Microsoft, Facebook  and his own company – WordStream,
  • father of a 3 years old #ppckid 🙂

Larry Kim keynoted or spoken at numerous industry events including:

A must see for:

  • marketers of all backgrounds,

  • content marketers,

  • social media marketers,

  • PPC specialists,

  • SEO specialists.

How to achieve unusually great results in PPC, SEO, Paid/Organic Social, CRO and pretty much every other marketing channel?

 Join Larry Kim for a very rare full-day Internet marketing training event in Warsaw, Poland. Larry will share his latest crazy Internet marketing experiments, hacks, tactics and strategies across several marketing channels.

Attendees will leave with dozens of shocking and unusual, yet 100% actionable marketing strategies to try right away. This advanced session is ideal for marketers of all backgrounds including content, PPC/SEO and social media marketers.

Training will be in English, with translation to polish.

Don’t miss Larry’s first ever visit to Poland for this special training event.



Unicorn Growth Marketing Strategies for 2018 & Beyond with Larry Kim - agenda:

    Part I: Larry's Top 10 Facebook & Twitter Advertising Hacks of all time


    • Learn unusual tips, strategies and processes for getting 10-1000x more value from paid campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.
    • How to drive exponentially more traffic to your content, and convert 3-5x more of those clicks into leads and sales – using tiny budgets of $50 per campaign?
    • You’ll gain critical insights into how the different algorithms really work, including Relevancy Score (Facebook) and Quality Adjusted Bids (Twitter).
    • A must see for content, social media and PPC marketers alike.

    Part II: Hacking the LinkedIn Newsfeed Algorithm


    • Why do you blog? You want your content to be discovered and read by as many people as possible, right?
      But often your reach is limited. You’re limited by the size of your existing audience.
    • Every day, people are bombarded with more content than they will ever have time to read. Most people are both incredibly busy and have the attention span of a goldfish (guilty on both counts!).
    • So how do you make your content go further and make sure lots of people read your stuff?

    12:00 - 12:15 Coffee break

    Part III: The latest and greatest in AdWords features, tactics and strategies.

    • There are over 1000 different features and functions in AdWords, with hundreds of updates made every year that it is impossible to know them all or keep up with them all. Larry will share his views on the top 1% of most impact features and how to use them to great effect.

    13:15 - 14:00 Lunch break

    Part IV: 10 Unusual SEO Experiments that demonstrate how organic search is changing, and what to do about it

    • In SEO, everyone has their opinions, but what I love about SEO is that at the end of the day, data wins the argument; either it worked, or it didn’t.
    • That is why i will talk about some SEO experiments, hopefully, some surprising ones, and some you may have tried yourself. Some of these crazy experiments will blow your mind.

    15:15 - 15:30 Coffee break

    Part V: Unicorn conversion rate optimization hacks that yield 100-300% improvements.

    • The average offer on the internet converts at 2.2% (donkeys) but the top 10% of offers (unicorns) convert at 9% or more. Larry has analyzed billions of dollars of PPC spend and will share the top 10 factors that separate donkey offers from unicorn offers so that you can be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.

    Part VI: Q&A Session

    • All of your Internet marketing questions, answered!



The Heart, Warsaw Spire Pl. Europejski 1

The Heart Warsaw is an international hub where leading multinationals connect with ready-to-scale startups for joint business development. The very first Larry Kim’s training in Poland is happening at modern, inspiring space located in the heart of Warsaw.

Why events held at The heart of Warsaw are unique?

  • A modern, inspiring space on the 38th floor of The Warsaw Spire
  • Training in English, with translation to Polish.
  • Open, comfortable space with a great view of Warsaw’s modern city skyline

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